There's a Better Way!

UVideos is a TV Everywhere platform from Univision that makes a wide variety of content available for the first time ever on any screen. Unlike English-language TV, where content had been readily available through a variety of platforms, Univision’s exclusive content only recently has become available on UVideos via TVE. So, the promotion of UVideos is, in part, also an educational campaign to get Hispanics to consider accessing our content in previously impossible usage scenarios. We aimed to leverage the undeniable starpower of Univison’s hosts, artists and actors. Unfortunately, the timing of the campaign’s production made access to top talent impossible. The solution was to devise a clever approach that showed fans that “there’s a better way” to have your favorite stars with you anytime and anywhere. The use of cardboard cutouts allowed us to “work” with top talent, regardless of their shooting schedules. The quirky cutouts caught viewers’ attention and setup the messaging, including the unique value proposition of UVideos. We executed this campaign across our linear properties to convert on-air fans into TVE viewers. Digital tactics aimed to educate our existing digital audience about the new way they could access Univision shows via TVE. Since this was the first time we were offering our content on a TVE basis, we were starting from ground zero – none of the UVideos audience was watching TVE content on the site or app. We surpassed – in fact doubled – our goal of getting 10% of the addressable UVideos audience to watch TVE content. By the end of 2014, 20% of the addressable UVideos audience was watching TVE content.

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