Launch Campaign

In November 2015, Univision Communications Inc. launched Univision NOW, a new direct to consumer service available on iOS, Android and web with a monthly or annual subscription fee. The service, a solution for viewers who watch Univision over-the-air, is a live broadcast of the Univision and UniMás networks featuring their respective schedules of telenovelas, sports, news, award shows and more. Subscribers can also watch primetime on demand content and rewind live TV programming up to 72 hours back in time.*

The assignment was to develop a brand identity and all necessary creative elements for the launch of Univision NOW. Tactics were produced in both the Spanish and English language. The strategy was to target markets with high over-the-air viewing, broadband-only and smartphone-only homes. The aim was to showcase the service's mobility, functionality (forward, pause, rewind, etc.), and on demand access to Univision’s best content. 

Live streaming was highlighted in the messaging with an emphasis on live events and sports. Given the high percentage of live viewing that Univision enjoys, it was important to also demonstrate the control that viewers could have over the content. Accordingly, the notion of pausing and rewinding Live TV was included in the value proposition.