Novelas Xpress Launch Campaign

UCI recently rolled out a whole new kind of content offering made from some of the company’s most beloved telenovelas. These new condensed titles originally aired as 100+ hours of nightly linear TV. NovelasXpress are “fun size” versions of the same stories retold in 15 episodes or less. Our campaign was designed to raise awareness & educate consumers about this completely new way of enjoying their favorites on HULU & UVideos (Univision’s TVE platform). From naming to the carefully crafted positioning, the campaign set out to introduce a new offering without casting full-length telenovelas in a bad light. Messaging spoke to a variety of usage scenarios: From die-hard fans that wanted to relive experiences to newbies that could be enticed to sample these easier-to-watch versions. Launch elements, including promos and showcase art for Hulu and UVideos, prompted viewers to “accelerate their passion” by watching the condensed titles. The elements ensured continuity across promotional platforms and could accommodate a diversity of program brands, partner brands, imagery and call-to-action. NovelasXpress titles drove 2-3x more views per episode than their full-length counterparts. While the campaign ran, non-NovelasXpress library titles increased an average of 30% in comparison to their prior year’s monthly average. Additionally, total UCI views increased by nearly 10%, month over month.

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