Sony Pictures

Señorita Pólvora Teaser Keyart

Señorita Pólvora (Miss Dynamite) is a Sony Pictures Television series based on the real-life story of a beauty queen’s fall from grace. Her affair with a mafia kingpin proves to be a fatal mistake. Born into privilege, the protagonist of the story ultimately descends into the dark world of Mexican drug cartels. This key art teaser image was created before final casting had even been completed, and needed to evoke the key themes of the story months before production even began. The iconic beauty queen crown was turned into a haunting 3D construction where diamonds combined with deadly weapons like grenades, knives, handguns & assault weapons. No photography was available & the image needed to work in the int’l market, as the series was to be pre-sold to networks from around the world. The image was extremely well received. Members of the trade at preview showings took “selfies” with the poster… leading to the desired interest and buzz about this intriguing, upcoming property.