Sony Pictures

Señorita Pólvora Master Keyart

Señorita Pólvora (Miss Dynamite) is a Sony Pictures Television series based on the real-life story of a beauty queen’s fall from grace. Her affair with a mafia kingpin proves to be a fatal mistake. Born into privilege, the protagonist of the story ultimately descends into the dark world of Mexican drug cartels. This master key art image was designed to promote this specific title, while elevating the overall look and feel of this type of series. Building upon a theme setup in a previous teaser image, our keyart utilizes a striking portrait with a twist. Her eyes are bullet casings and her diamond earings are AK47s. The tragic contrast between glamour and violence . The image was extremely well received as fans & members of the trade comment on the series and on the keyart itself. The desired theme of “higher quality” was echoed by eager viewers, reporters and TV execs that saw the image.