We are a 100% Hispanic owned and operated company offering specialized media marketing
and creative services like strategy, branding, motion design, interstitials, promos, trailers and advertising.


We stick to media brands because we understand that viewers and users have a unique relationship with their sources of news, information and entertainment.


We also like to explore what happens when Latinos, Latino culture and the rest of mainstream America interact and intersect.


We understand the nuances between Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians, and Cubans. We know how family, home and aspirations all come together in the U.S. Hispanic experience. So, we use our insights to develop powerful communications that speak directly to Latinos’ unique sensibilities.


That said, we are also a company of Americans.
We are not based halfway around the world.
We didn’t just get here. We are not transplants
or foreigners. Raised on Captain Kangaroo and telenovelas, we live in two worlds simultaneously.


Professionally, we’ve worked inside corporate America on some of the most beloved media
brands around. This experience means that
any media company flirting with the idea of
exploring a Latino-related effort gets to skip
the steep (and often painful) learning curve associated with crossing cultures.


We are also all about America. The new America. Where Latino culture has embedded itself for hundreds of years. We aren’t just about the
recent arrival. Actually, we aren’t obsessed
with Latino-ness. We are about the next big
thing in American popular culture. The criss-cross.


The overlap.


Because of our point-of-view, our work, our awards, our people and our dedication to making the tough stuff fun, we’ve sort of become the favorite little
Latin company of big media. Companies that we have worked with since 2000 include NBC Universal, Walt Disney Television, Univision, A+E Networks, PBS, HBO Latin America, Showtime, Sesame Workshop, Telemundo, mun2, Cinemax, Syfy, Intermedia Partners, WAPA, Cinelatino, Hemisphere Media Group, Yahoo! and more.